Our Privacy Philosophy
We value, and pledge to protect, your privacy. At MEDWEAR Uniforms, Inc., we are firmly committed to protecting your privacy. We understand that your personal information is especially sensitive, and that you may have concerns about sharing certain types of personal information with us. We believe that you should control the amount of information we receive about you. So, where possible, we allow you to provide as much or as little personal information as you wish. But, however you choose to interact with MEDWEAR Uniforms, Inc. we pledge to protect your privacy.

The information we gather
When you visit medwearuniforms.com ("cookies")
We gather traffic patterns and site usage information to help us develop the design and functionality of the site, and to allow us to personalize your visit. For example, we may wish to develop the site in different languages, and therefore need to know which country you live in.

As a standard practice, we assign a random number to each customer so that we can track content preferences and traffic patterns in general. This random number allows us to collect summary information about how the site is being used by our customers, without specifically knowing who those customers are. This random number is kept as a text file on your hard drive and is called a 'cookie'. Cookies, by themselves, cannot be used to determine the identity of a customer. Unless you specifically tell us, we will not know who you are. Occasionally, MEDWEAR Uniforms, Inc. arranges for third parties to provide or track the usage of sponsored links that we believe may be of value to our customers. We do not permit these third parties to collect personal information from our customers without their explicit permission.

How we use your information
MEDWEAR Uniforms, Inc. is constantly striving to provide our customers with a compelling reason to return to the site. We monitor customer traffic patterns and analyze our customers' likes and dislikes, so that we can continue to improve our services.

The personal information you provide will enable us to offer you a tailored user experience, including personalized special offers, and information, products, and services that are relevant to your needs and interests.

We may share aggregate statistical information regarding our traffic patterns and site usage with our partners. For example, we may develop summary reports for our advertisers or sponsors. An example of a summary report might be "8,000 people clicked on Advertisement Z today and of those people, 25% had previously indicated they had an interest in Cotton Tops."

We do not provide our partners with any individually identifiable personal information about customers who have seen or clicked on their advertisements, unless you have specifically told us that this is acceptable.

We may also use this information, in combination with generally available databases of population statistics, to form a better understanding of our customers. This will enable us to tailor our products, services, and content to meet our customers' needs and preferences. This information is for MEDWEAR Uniforms, Inc.. use only and is never shared with third parties.

Receiving email
The personal data which you supplied will not be used in any way for direct marketing purposes without your explicit consent. We also do not provide third parties with any personal data for direct marketing purposes unless you have given specific permission to do so.

From time to time, we may send you email communications that provide information we think you will find interesting and useful. It is our policy to send emails only to those customers who give us their explicit permission to do so. Each email message includes instructions explaining how to unsubscribe, so that you will not receive any further email messages from MEDWEAR Uniforms, Inc...

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